Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Update

Hello everyone.
My internet is not working on my laptop, and that's where most of my pictures are. I will try again to import a picture--but my luck hasn't been so great lately! How are you? And how was your 4th of July? We are pretty much into picking up, putting away, and throwing away we didn't play much on the 4th. However, we did have a fun evening--a late dinner, that was super traditional--hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, fruit salad, corn, chips and pop. It was delicious. Then we went swimming, and watched fireworks from the wall by our pool. It was great not to have to go anywhere--it is such a pain to wait in a parking lot forever after watching fireworks...which we don't have to do when we watch from home. We usually watch from our roof, but could see just fine from the wall. Our pool is pretty warm (Phoenix in the summer), but still it was refreshing to be outside, and to have gone swimming. I am easing back into the swimming scene. I have always been able to swim lots of laps fairly easily. WIth the soreness in my arms, it has been more of an adjustment this year to swimming...but I am trying to build up strength again.

I have had some dumping problems lately, and that has been frustrating to me. Still, it is a learning process. First of all, I just can't eat too much. Then I need to lie down after I eat, and let everything settle before it heads for my intestines. I also tasted some of the yummiest ever ice cream on Saturday nigth. I loved it, and had just a spoonful...but loved it so much that I asked for another spoonful. I paid for that for the rest of the night, and felt light-headed and like I was having a diabetic attack. Both Spence and Brady took super good care of me, and helped me get through it all. SIGH...I just can't eat those sweets, or just in very tiny increments.

I am also sure that I have ADD. I can't focus on anything for a long period of time. I have to "mix things up," or I go stir crazy. With the wedding and the remodel, I find myself pulled in several directions at once. I have to change things up, just so that one thing doesn't drive me crazy! :)Anyway, that's an update from here. Hopefully next time, there will be a picture.


  1. I do miss AZ, but not the July heat! I'm glad you're having a fun & eventful month :)

  2. Louise, I have to comment on the 4th of July fireworks too. We also enjoyed
    then in our back yard. Unreal, the new Diamond Backs Spring Training fields are across the street from our house and we own the empty lot
    next to us between our house and the ball parks fields. The Pima Suites
    hotel parking lot is behind up and nothing in front. We have the corner
    lot with a free and clear view to see the fireworks. Only thing was some
    of the sparks fly around a little, but guess they figured that out pretty
    well how to control. Altho, I heard lots of sirens right after the fireworks, which they did two nights in a row. We have a gate on side
    which Chaz can go through to walk over to the ball park, for ball lovers
    this is one great location.
    Now, I can relate to your swallowing pills! I am taking so many now,
    some are so large can't if can't crush, I get less mg and take two. In case you need to know, for example, I have one that
    is a 60mg pill, can't do doctor called in double order of 30mg,
    I was amazed insurance paid for double. And, the sweets.....well you
    don't need any ice cream anyway because you are sweet enough without
    it my friend.
    Talk to you soon, luv....Peg