Monday, February 24, 2014

A new year...and new resolutions

Yes, I have made some New Year's resolutions, but true to my normal life, it is hard to keep those resolutions in mind (even though I DO write them down), and then even harder to DO them. One of them is to be more regular in writing in my blog--so even though it is almost March, I will try to do better...and to keep this goal this year.
I was very faithful in writing in here when I was having so many health issues 4 years ago...but when things get back to "normal," we forget to show our gratitude, and also just express some of our feelings, because we're not in such a desperate situation anymore. It's crazy how easy it seems to be to forget--SIGH!
I just went to the cancer doctor, and he told me that this year I won't have to have a pet scan. That is huge news for me--and I'm very thankful for that! I still go to him every 3 months, and have blood work done, so if anything changes, they are aware of it, and we'll take care of any potential problems. Sometimes going to the doctor for a "routine" check is a pretty amazing thing...and a reminder that I truly was the recipient of some pretty miraculous things. I wish I could keep that uppermost in my mind, and just show more gratitude on a more regular basis. It's too bad that we get kind of complacent sometimes and take things too much for granted.
We are doing well. Our daughter, Kelsey, has come home from BYU, and now lives here at home with us. She is very busy with work, school, and several ward activities with the singles' ward she is involved in (with young adults of her age and older at Church). They seem to have things going all the time, and she is very good about staying involved.
Our third oldest daughter, Emily, has moved down here with her husband and little boy...and it is truly a joy to have that cute grandson here in town. He has so much personality and it really brightens our world to have him around here. He is just SO MUCH FUN!!
Our youngest child, Brady, is  a junior in high school. He is a very dedicated student--and works very hard to keep his grades up. He also has quite the social life, and has lots of friends. He plays basketball for the YMCA, and his dad is his coach, which is something he has wanted for several years now. With Spence, halfway retired, he DOES have more time, but finds that coaching is a lot more time-consuming than he had ever imagined. But he does enjoy it.
Brady is 16 and so does many of the normal teenage things, but I have to say, he really is a pretty good kid. He has good standards, he works hard in school, and on the whole, he makes very good choices. I think he is a good example to his friends, both at church and at school. Yesterday at church he and his dad blessed the sacrament during our sacrament meeting (that means they said the prayers over the bread and water). I had some very proud and some very grateful moments as I watched them--thankful that they both are living in such a way that they can do that, and just so thankful for the good examples they are to our family. It was wonderful to watch them do that together. Well, that's all I'll write for now--but I really AM going to try to be more consistent in here. Have a great day, and write if you ever feel so inclined!! Love you!

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