Sunday, April 7, 2013

My reflections on General Conference

So here is the entry I wrote for Facebook, and I also wanted to put it on my if you've read it twice, I'm sorry about that.
Ok, I am trying to write something for the first time as an update of my status on Facebook. However, today has been a terrible day with trying to make computers work, so I don’t have much hope that this will work. However, I would like to write about General Conference, the time twice a year when our Church leaders give us counsel and inspired talks. I LOVE conference, and always feel validated a...nd encouraged to keep trying to live the Gospel. I want to share what an apostle of the Lord said—his name is L. Tom Perry, and he talked about the commandments. He said that much of the world has become so secular, that they basically ignore or break most of the 10 commandments. He said that there are 4 that they still try to keep—not to lie, not to steal, not to murder, and to honor your parents. However he said that there is a lot of breaking of other commandments, like the law of chastity (which means no sexual relationships outside of the bounds of marriage between a man and a woman), keeping of the Sabbath day holy (he said so many people have just made it a day of recreation, instead of worship), idol worship (where people idolize movie stars or athletes, and set them up as examples that we should follow and emulate), and profanity (where so many people take the Lord’s name in vain.) I really appreciated what he said, and wanted to share it—I think we need to all evaluate how we do in keeping those 10 commandments, and make resolutions to do better at striving to be obedient to them. He said that as we are obedient, we will draw closer to our Father in Heaven, and His perfect Son, Jesus Christ. I truly felt like he was teaching us what we need to do to become more Christ-like. I am so thankful I could watch all of Conference—it was totally awesome! I am so grateful for this weekend--too bad it only comes twice a year!! I could use the uplift a whole lot more times than that!! :)

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