Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Just in case I don't take more time before Christmas, this may be my Christmas greeting to the world! So, any out there still in my blog world, have a wonderful Christmas! And DON'T, whatever you do, get sick!! That is the dumbest way to spend the holidays, as well as being miserable. You can't even rest in peace, because you lie there, feeling horrible, and then worry about all the things you aren't getting done. Even listening to Christmas music doesn't help because you don't feel well enough to do that. It truly is the most "un-fun" way to spend the holidays! Needless to say, we have ALL been sick. It came upon us so fast and so strong, that it was unbelievable! It basically started Sunday morning, although our son, Brady, didn't feel very well on Saturday, but then at varying times later that day, it came upon us. It was the stomach flu, and it was pretty miserable. Even Baby SJ, who is 19 months, got it--but kids do the best with stomach sickness. They just throw up, and then they feel better, and play until they feel sick again, and then throw up again. They don't worry in the in-between times. The rest of us just lay around and moan and groan about all the pains we feel, and wait till the next wave of nausea hits. My husband, Spence, was so awesome Sunday night. He went around from room to room, just taking care of us. He was feeling pretty proud of himself that he hadn't gotten it, and that he had gotten his flu shot (unlike the rest of us), but then it caught up to him on Tuesday. This time NO ONE escaped--it was crazy!! So whether shopping all gets done, or wrapping--I guess Christmas will come whether we're ready or not! We have boxes still on our back porch of Christmas decorations that we could hang, but it's just not going to happen this year--what you see is what you get...and there is just no more time for anything else. Of course, this is a crazy time of year anyway. We have our whole regular lives--work, church work, children, other responsibilities, and then we try to add a whole other life, our CHRISTMAS life, on top of that. How do we really think we're going to make it all work? I know that in the middle of all that, we try to make it meaningful and focus on important things, but it is a constant struggle. We really do get caught up doing things that really don't matter. If Heavenly Father could do it HIS way, we would focus on His son, and not only His birth, but His life, His atoning sacrifice, His great love for us, and His desire that we love and serve one another. So, try to muddle through, and may we all focus on what truly matters in life. My love to you all--have a joyous Christmas!

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