Thursday, August 11, 2011

Woo Hoo--what a wedding!

I have really been a slacker when it comes to writing on this blog--it is now becoming just a once a week event...hopefully I can improve on that. The wedding was fabulous--just about every detail worked out perfectly, and it was such a happy time with Katie. She was a beautiful and radiant bride--sounds corny, but that girl can really light up a room! She is so happy with Cody, and we are thrilled to have him in our family--he is such a nice guy. He comes from a very nice family, who all have tender hearts like he does. We had lots of family come from far away, and that meant a lot. The temple was a beautiful experience--Spence's dad, who is just months away from being 90, was able to perform the marriage...and that was so special. He is a great man, and has been a wonderful grandfather to our children. He has always has a special interest in Katie, because he is the one who discovered her amazing singing ability--he is very proud of that fact!

We had a luncheon after the temple ceremony and then a reception that night. As I get more pictures, I will probably post more of all the fun events of that day. My two sisters, Laura and Kathy, were here--and that always makes it special for me. Spence's two sisters who live out of town, Nancy and Rosemary, were also we really had a celebration with both sides of our families.

Friday night we had a reception--there were so many people there, and that made us very happy. We had dancing, a chocolate fountain, and a photo booth...which was the hit of the night. So, all in all, we just had a wonderful time with everyone. Again, I just marvel that I just hit my one-year anniversary on August 9th of discovering that I had cancer...and here we were a year later...and able to do all that. Truly we have witnessed a miracle. I was blessed with lots of energy. What a blessing--and how happy we are for Katie and Cody!

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  1. How AMAZING!!!! I am so glad that you have been so blessed. What a great lady you are Louise. Congrats to Katie and Cody. =)